MJS Commodities is a leading privately held international trading company and a subsidiary of MJS Global Group.

Our team has 200+ years combined experience in the procurement and delivery of commodity products and services.

We specialize in the handling of every element involved in the international trade of physical commodities with the focus on high-quality agro products, precious metals, polished diamonds and gemstones, solid and liquid fuels, and hydrocarbon-free 100% biodegradable packaging we move soft and hard commodities from remote locations to where they are most needed – reliably, professionally and efficiently.

We operate, market and advice on multiple raw materials to various client segments around the globe, whether they are import-export businesses, financial institutions, governments and private investors, through the supply chain and bringing them wherever needed.

Our thoughtful services, diversified product lines, and relationships are advanced with integrity and honest straightforward dealing and go to great lengths to ensure professionalism, excellence, and peace of mind. Whether you’re a producer, an existing or potential partner in government or business, or an end-user we have the focus, passion, and commitment to get you closer to your markets.

We value the success and accomplishments of our principals as we value our company and people. By combining both of our visions, the results are limitless. Our attitude is making all possible efforts, instead of deeming it impossible, with a conviction to take the business deal to successful completion to enrich both our clients and our societies.




Virtually all of mankind’s needs must be dug from the earth, grown in the soil, or taken from the sea.

As the global population grows, increased demand for electronics, medicine, telecommunications, transportation, and housing will accelerate the worldwide demand for agro products, fuel, construction materials, minerals, precious and base metals, and rare earth minerals.

The importhigh-quality quality raw materials is increasing as they determine the quality of the end products under the current rapidly changing market circumstances.

Welcome to MJS Commodities.

The Secret of Quality.

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